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Friday, 18 April 2014

Sherman 1 Hybrid - Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry Summer 1944

This is the DML Sherman 1 Hybrid (Sherman M4 Composite Hull PTO) built as a SRY tank during the summer of 1944. I based it on a photo of a Hybrid Sherman in both Dennis Oliver's "British Sherman Tanks" and Ludovic Fortin's "British Tanks in Normandy". Neither sources attribute the vehicles as SRY, but a random internet reference on a veterans website pointed to that direction, so I went with it.

I removed the loaders hatch and the pistol port from the turret, added some stowage and front hatch locking hasps and the rest was pretty much OOTB. I did enhance the weld seams between the cast and welded parts of the hull which were too narrow in then kit, and added some cast texture with MR Surfacer.  British fire extinguishers were added to the hull rear, and the British stowage box on the turret and the driver figure were Ultracast items. The Commander figure in the turret is an ancient white metal figure by Hornet.  Markings were from the new Archer range of British formation signs, and rub-down census numbers. 

The painted resin base is a Reality in Scale piece, painted by my good pal Jerry Plettenberg. Thanks Jerry!

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  1. Great work. I have just got my hands on the M4 Composite hull PTO. Your right up has given me the information I needed to make it into a Commonwealth ETO.