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I'm a UK based modeller, specialising in German and Commonwealth armour. I have worked on a commission basis for enthusiasts all over the world, created masters for one of the big 1/32 resin "ready made" model companies, and have recently helped out on some projects for Archer Fine Transfers and other 1/35 armour accessory companies. I build for myself - when I have time! - concentrating on Stugs, Pz IV's and UK and Commonwealth WW2 stuff. I also post my work on www.track-link.com, www.missing-lynx.com and www.warwheels.net. Please leave comments or questions on the blog or on any of the websites I post on. If you would like to contact me, just click on "view my complete profile" below for my email address. All the best, and thanks for visiting! Dave

Wednesday 23 December 2015

SdKfz 234/2 Puma

Following on from my previous 234 series vehicle, here is another rendition of the 234/2, the Puma. This is the third time I've built one, so this time I've gone for a faded winter whitewash scheme. It's the excellent Dragon Models kit, with a few bits of stowage, and some mix and match tyres from the 234/4 kit. I added an RB models metal barrel, and some etch tool clamp handles, but that was pretty much it.

The figures are by Firestorm (in the peaked hat), and a converted Tristar figure in a greatcoat with a Hornet head.

Monday 7 September 2015

SdKfz 234/4

This is Dragon's Premium Edition SdKfz 234/4 built pretty much out of the box. From the photos I could find, the tyres were right for a late war 234/4, but I added one different pattern each side for some contrast. I added tool clasp handles (a strange omission Dragon!) and stowage from Reality in Scale. The figures are by Evolution, and the markings are from Archer and the spares box.

Studying just about every late war photo of 234's I could find, it looks like the hard-edged camouflage was a very standardised pattern. I hand brushed the green/brown using Xtracrylics in a darker tone, then tightly sprayed the inside of the colours in lighter-toned Tamiya acrylics. This gives some definition between the colour blocks.

The base and advertising kiosk are by Reality in Scale, and the side of the house is by Miniart.

Sunday 12 July 2015

SdKfz 222 - No 2 Armoured Car Company, Royal Air Force

According to unit war diaries and photographic evidence, No 2 Armoured Car Company RAF captured four German SdKfz 222's in the North African desert. They handed two in to the captured enemy vehicle pool, and kept and used two until 1947. 

I've based mine on a photo of the remaining two which was taken when the unit was based in Palestine in March 1944.

The base kit is the old Tamiya 222. I added a few small improvements; a new splash guard above the front visors, some extra detail on the grenade screens, a scratch built jerry can rack on the front, the wire protective screen around the notek light, metal drivers poles, a flimsy rack by resicast (artistic licence on my part) and stowage by value gear.

The RAF roundels came from an old Airfix Tiger Moth.

For anyone wishing to know more about RAF Armoured Cars, I recommend a book by Nigel M.M Warwick entitled "In Every Place - RAF Armoured Cars in the Middle East 1921-1953". It's packed with photos of Rolls Royce AC's, Fordsons, Otters, and everything in between.

Monday 29 June 2015

AEC MkIII Armoured Car - 1st Kings Dragoon Guards 1945

Here is the Miniart AEC MkIII. What can I say about this build. Well, I found it great in parts, awful in others. The detail was really good throughout but this was frustrated by the plastic quality not being up to the small size of some of the mouldings. Put simply, many of the smaller parts broke when removing them from the sprue - despite being uber-careful. The worst part of the build was the fit of the rear wheel arches, which were supposed to mate up to the rear hull but were too narrow by 3mm, leaving a gap between the arch and the hull.

The good points. The fit was pretty good throughout, and the kit had a sensible little etched fret which complimented the styrene nicely. It also has some nice weld seams on the turret, and a fairly comprehensive interior if you wished to go down that route. 

I replaced the plastic one-piece barrel (which was actually pretty good!) with an RB metal 75mm QF, and I replaced all the lifting eyes with brass rod because the kit ones broke. I added stowage to the rear wheel arches to cover up the aforementioned gap, and I added a soft brass karaya tow cable. The figure is a Tamiya torso with an Ultracast head. I used a combination of the kit decals and a Stencilit metal allied star stencil for the stars on the engine deck and turret.

In summary, Miniart has to be congratulated for tackling this interesting but niche British subject, and for this, I totally forgive them for a few niggling issues.

Saturday 6 June 2015

M3A1 White Scout Car - 2nd New Zealand Division, Italy 1945

This is the Hobbyboss White. An excellent kit, with near Tamiya quality fit and plastic, and some nice detailing. The only drawback is the lack of a canvas cover and hoops. I added hoops using brass rod, and a part-rolled canvas cover using thin lead sheet. I also thinned down the headlight covers with a sharp blade - they could do with a bit more thinning or replacement with etched brass. 

The vehicle I modelled was a REME Fitters wagon, so I left out the rear seats so I could cram the rear with stowage. Decals were from a Star Models (Bison) set of NZ vehicles in Italy, and my main reference was Jeff Plowmans superb book on the 2nd NZ Division. The figure is a stock Miniart item.

Monday 4 May 2015

Panther Ausf G "115" - Ardennes

Another DML Panther for the Kampfgruppe! This time #115, based on a photo in Duel in the Mist 3 of the vehicle after it had been k/o'd or abandoned. It's got the non-chinned mantlet and raised crew heater, and the dot pattern camouflage. I left the mallet off the hull sides so you can see the balkenkruez and scratched a mallet holder in it's place.